5 Unique Samsung TV Technologies for Modern Entertainment in 2023

As one of the world’s leading TV manufacturers, Samsung always wants to bring customers the best products with many outstanding technologies. Samsung TV technology is always quickly updated by the company in all TV lines, providing top-notch visual and sound experiences and great utilities, perfecting entertainment moments with friends and relatives.

1. 2 Exclusive Samsung TV Display Technologies

Samsung TVs are renowned for their ultra-sharp and lifelike displays, providing users with exceptional experiences. Here are two cutting-edge display technologies from Samsung that emphasize this:

1 – Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diode (QLED): This technology is based on quantum dot particles that emit precise and efficient colors when stimulated by blue light from LED lights. 

QLED technology enables Samsung TVs to display a wide color range, high brightness, and harmonious contrast ratios, making the images sharper and more lifelike even in low-light environments. This is crucial for users who enjoy their favorite content such as movies, wildlife documentaries, or sports.

Samsung TV Technologies

Quantum Dot technology reproduces images with incredible contrast

2 – Quantum Mini LED Technology: Designed to reduce the size of LED lights, Quantum Mini LED technology allows Samsung to increase the number of LEDs on the screen, providing more precise brightness control and reducing light leakage from the screen’s edges in dark environments. The technology accurately reflects bright and dark color tones, ensuring that every color on the screen becomes vivid and realistic.

Samsung TV Technologies

Quantum Mini LED technology displays many complex color details

If you are a fan of gaming or watching movies on your TV, Samsung TV 55 inch is sure to impress you. It offers a screen size that is just right while incorporating two modern display technologies, delivering crisp and lifelike visuals.

2. 3 Explosive Sound Technologies

Samsung TVs have never disappointed users when it comes to audio quality, thanks to three advanced sound technologies:

1 – Q-Symphony technology: Helps synchronize sound between soundbar and TV speakers, allowing sound to be emitted simultaneously from both sources. This creates a perfect surround sound effect that covers the entire space, making the experience of watching movies, listening to music or playing games more attractive and realistic.

Additionally, Q-Symphony technology balances the sound volume from various sources, ensuring users can enjoy smooth and consistent audio during each scene.

Samsung TV Technologies

Experience perfect enveloping sound with Q-Symphony technology

2 – Object Tracking Sound (OTS) and Dolby Atmos: These technologies combine to create a high-quality 3D audio experience. OTS technology tracks the position and movements of objects on the screen to produce corresponding sound in terms of direction and distance. This delivers an astonishingly realistic audio experience.

Dolby Atmos technology enables Samsung TVs to produce multidirectional sound from various angles, resulting in a vivid and powerful audio experience. Users will be completely immersed in the world of sound, even down to the slightest, gentlest movements.

Samsung TV Technologies

Object Tracking Sound (OTS) and Dolby Atmos technology for vivid and powerful 3D sound

If you are considering purchasing a Samsung TV with Dolby Atmos, 50Q80B is currently available at Manh Nguyen electronics store for less than 13 million VND, with a 56% discount compared to the market price. With this price and top-notch sound technology, this TV is becoming a popular choice for many families, especially those with children.

3 – Spacefit Sound+ Technology: This technology automatically adjusts the sound based on the surrounding space by measuring the distance between the wall and the TV and analyzing reflected sound. It adjusts the volume and sound quality accurately, ensuring that sound remains clear and consistent during transmission. Users can fully trust the professional audio experience delivered by their Samsung TV.

Instead of applying the same sound configuration, this technology allows sound customization based on the viewing environment and the TV’s location. This creates a perfect audio space, whether it is a confined or spacious space, a wall-mounted or shelf-placed TV.

The ability to self-adjust the sound of Spacefit Sound+ technology

The ability to self-adjust the sound of Spacefit Sound+ technology helps create flexibility for vivid sound quality

In summary, Samsung’s use of advanced, high-quality technologies in their TV products has brought premium entertainment experiences to users. With Samsung’s advanced TV technology, users can enjoy superior image quality and optimize sound for specific viewing environments, just like in a cinema. 

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