How to extend battery life of wireless devices?

Are you tired of your wireless devices running out of juice too soon and you want to know how to make them last longer without plugging them in? Don’t worry because this article will give you 6 tips to help extend the battery life of your wireless device.

Turn off unnecessary features and unused apps

When you’re not using certain features, such as Bluetooth, GPS, or Wi-Fi, you can turn them off. This will help wireless devices conserve battery life. Another way to save the battery life of wireless devices is to close the apps that are running in the background. Apps that are running in the background continue to use battery power.

Additionally, push notifications can also drain battery life. You can also reduce the number of push notifications you receive by disabling them for apps that you don’t need them for because they can drain your battery.

Use battery saver mode

Most wireless devices have a battery saver mode that can help extend battery life by reducing performance and limiting background activity. So, you can enable this feature on your wireless devices to extend battery life.

Keep your device up to date

To keep your device running smoothly and securely, you should always install the latest software updates. These updates may contain battery optimizations that can extend the life of your device and reduce power consumption. They may also contain security patches and bug fixes that can prevent malware attacks and improve the performance of your device.

The software upgrade process is straightforward and convenient. For instance, if you have an authentic Aqara smart switch (công tắc thông minh Aqara chính hãng), you just need to launch the app on the phone that is linked to the switch and tap the software upgrade option.


Authentic Aqara smart switch/Aqara smart switches have a software update feature to optimize power consumption

Use a charger that is designed for your device

The best way to extend the battery life of wireless devices is to charge it with the right charger. Different chargers have different current levels, which can affect the battery’s performance and health. If you use a charger that is not designed for your device, you may damage the battery by causing it to overheat, swell, or lose capacity. To prevent these issues and keep your battery in good condition, always charge your device with the included or compatible charger.

Use a dark theme

One way to extend the battery life of your device is to switch to a dark theme. Dark themes reduce the amount of light emitted by the screen, which consumes less power than bright themes. Many devices have a dark mode option that you can activate in the settings. By using a dark theme, you can enjoy your device for longer without worrying about running out of battery.

Avoid extreme temperatures

Extreme temperatures can damage your wireless device’s battery and reduce its lifespan, you should avoid storing or using your device in extreme cold or heat. Besides, overloading also causes the wireless device to overheat and drain the battery.

Additionally, to overcome this situation, you can buy budget smart switches (mua công tắc thông minh giá rẻ). You can connect wireless devices to the smart switch. The smart switch has the function of automatically cutting off the circuit when overloaded, helping to protect electrical equipment from overcharging or serious battery loss.


You should avoid storing or using your wireless devices in extreme temperatures to extend battery life of them

Thus, the article has provided you with 6 ways to help extend the battery life of your wireless device. Hope the above information is useful to you and hope you can apply it successfully.

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