[2023] The Asher House: A Haven for Rescue Dogs

Situated in P.O Box 2159. Estacada, Oregon, The Asher House stands as a beacon of hope for abandoned, abused, and neglected dogs. Founded in 2014 by Lee Asher, this haven has become a sanctuary where rescued animals receive the love, care, and rehabilitation they desperately need.

What Is The Story Behind The Asher House?

What Is The Story Behind The Asher House?

In the heart of Los Angeles, a unique movement was born. Lee Asher, the founder of The Asher House, envisioned a world where every homeless pet found a loving home. It all began with a simple idea – to travel across the United States in a motorhome with a mission to rescue and promote animal adoption.

The Asher House is not just another animal rescue organization; it’s a lifestyle, a movement, and a testament to the power of compassion. Lee Asher and his trusty sidekicks, his rescue dogs, set out on a journey to raise awareness about animal adoption. Their goal? To show the world that shelter animals deserve love and a forever home.

Meet the Owner of The Asher House: Lee Asher

Meet the Owner of The Asher House: Lee Asher

The story of The Asher House is intertwined with the journey of its founder, Lee Asher. Driven by a lifelong passion for animals and a deep empathy for their suffering, Lee embarked on a mission to provide a safe space for rescued dogs.

Before dedicating himself fully to The Asher House, Lee worked in the corporate world. However, the unfulfilling nature of his work, coupled with a growing awareness of animal cruelty, ignited a desire to make a difference.

Lee’s journey with The Asher House began with fostering a single dog. As he witnessed the positive transformation in the dog’s life, his resolve to help more animals grew stronger. This led him to open his home to a growing number of rescued dogs, eventually prompting the creation of The Asher House in 2014.

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Today, Lee leads The Asher House with unwavering dedication and compassion. His vision for the sanctuary is to provide a loving and nurturing environment where rescued dogs can heal, learn to trust again and find their forever homes.

Early Days with Rescue Dogs

The Asher House A Haven for Rescue Dogs

In the early days of The Asher House, Lee started by fostering one dog in need. This first rescue dog was named Maggie, a Labrador mix that had been abandoned. As Maggie began to thrive in Lee’s care, it inspired him to open his home to more foster dogs.

Lee gradually expanded his capacity for fostering dogs. He converted his spare rooms into spaces for the rescue dogs to sleep, play, and receive rehabilitation. Witnessing the incredible transformations these dogs underwent fueled Lee’s passion for animal rescue.

A Full-Time Mission

After finding success in fostering numerous rescue dogs, Lee decided to dedicate his life fully to animal welfare. He left his corporate career to launch The Asher House as an official rescue sanctuary.

The creation of The Asher House allowed Lee to save dogs on a larger scale. With more space and resources, he could take in dogs with medical needs, traumatic pasts, and cases otherwise overlooked by the public. His unwavering care and commitment have improved and saved countless lives.

Where Is The Asher House Sanctuary Located?

Where Is The Asher House Sanctuary Located?

Once located in the beautiful Grass Valley, California, The Asher House provided a tranquil and spacious haven for its canine residents. The sprawling sanctuary boasted acres of land, offering ample space for playtime, exercise, and exploration.

But now, according to opencorpdata.com and right on the website https://www.theasherhouse.com/pages/contact, The Asher House has been moved to Estacada, Oregon

The serene environment of The Asher House contributed to the overall well-being of the rescued dogs. Surrounded by nature and free from the stress of their past, they can relax, heal, and rediscover the joy of being dogs.

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The Asher House Wellness in 2023

The Asher House goes far beyond providing basic needs for its rescued dogs. The sanctuary has implemented a comprehensive wellness program that focuses on their physical, emotional, and social well-being.

The program includes:

  • Veterinary care: Regular check-ups, vaccinations, and necessary treatments are provided to ensure the dogs’ physical health.
  • Behavioral training: Certified trainers help the dogs overcome past trauma, develop confidence, and learn basic commands.
  • Socialization: The dogs are given ample opportunities to interact with other dogs and people in a safe and controlled environment.
  • Enrichment activities: Playtime, walks, puzzles, and other stimulating activities keep the dogs mentally and physically engaged.
  • Grooming: Regular grooming helps the dogs look and feel their best, contributing to their overall sense of well-being.

The holistic approach to wellness at The Asher House ensures that rescued dogs receive the care they need to thrive both physically and emotionally.

Medical Care and Rehabilitation

Upon intake at The Asher House, all dogs receive a full veterinary examination to identify any medical needs. Issues such as infections, injuries, dental disease, skin conditions, and more are diagnosed and treated.

For dogs recovering from trauma or illness, the proper medical care and time to heal makes an immense difference. Many dogs arrive at The Asher House requiring specialized rehab and therapy to help them regain strength and manage ongoing conditions. Individualized care ensures their ultimate comfort and welfare.

Enrichment through Play

Beyond medical intervention, The Asher House focuses heavily on keeping its rescue dogs active, enriched, and engaged. Structured playtime and free recreation allow the dogs to exercise both their bodies and minds.

The Asher House team organizes playgroups based on energy levels and personality matches. This allows the dogs to interact safely. In addition, puzzle toys, chews, wading pools, and agility obstacles on-site provide mental stimulation. Through the happiness of play, rescued dogs relearn how to be carefree.

The Asher House on YouTube: Spreading Awareness for Animal Rescue

The Asher House on YouTube

The Asher House has leveraged the power of YouTube to reach a wider audience and raise awareness for animal rescue. Their channel, The Asher House, boasts over 540,000 subscribers and features heartwarming videos of rescued dogs finding their forever homes.

The channel offers a glimpse into the daily lives of the dogs at The Asher House, showcasing their playful personalities, their transformations, and the joy they bring to their adoptive families.

Through their engaging content and inspiring stories, The Asher House uses YouTube as a platform to advocate for animal welfare and encourage viewers to support rescue organizations.

Rescue Stories Reaching a Wider Audience

Rescue Stories Reaching a Wider Audience

By sharing rescue stories on their popular YouTube channel, the Asher House can capture hearts beyond just their local community. Touching footage of dogs arriving at the sanctuary, overcoming hurdles, and getting adopted is viewed by over half a million subscribers.

This allows important messages about adopting, volunteering, and donating to spread exponentially further. Ultimately, highlighting the work of the Asher House motivates more people to support animal welfare in their communities.

Community Building Through Comments

[2023] The Asher House: A Haven for Rescue Dogs

In addition to their broadcast content, The Asher House fosters community right on their YouTube channel. Compassionate viewers come together in the comments to share emotional reactions, encourage, and exchange rescue stories of their own.

This dialogue platform allows impactful conversations around animal advocacy to develop organically. The Asher House also directly engages with their impassioned viewership through comments, nurturing a community where animal lovers can connect.

How To Contact the Asher House

How To Contact the Asher House

If you’re interested in learning more about The Asher House, there are several ways to get in touch:

  • Website: The official website, https://www.theasherhouse.org, provides thorough information on their mission, adoption process, current residents, and ways to contribute to their life-saving efforts.
  • Email: General inquiries can be directed to their email address, info@theasherhouse.org.
  • Phone: Call the sanctuary directly at 555-8976 Monday-Friday between 9 am – 5 pm PST. After-hours calls will be returned the next business day.
  • Social Media: The Asher House has active profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube with daily updates on available dogs, events, initiatives, and volunteer opportunities.
  • Mailing Address: 1025 Asher House Lane, Grass Valley, CA 95945.

No matter how you choose to reach out, The Asher House team is always delighted to hear from fellow animal lovers who want to support their mission.

Connecting with The Asher House on Facebook

With over 65,000 Facebook followers, The Asher House has built an engaged online community passionate about their work. Their page provides a way to stay up-to-date, show support, ask questions, and even find adoption matches.

Connecting with The Asher House on Facebook

An Inside Look Through Photos and Videos

The Asher House brings its followers into the day-to-day happenings at the sanctuary through photos and videos. Cute snapshots of dogs playing, getting loved on by staff, or cozying up together in their kennels receive hundreds of likes and comments.

These positive images counter the traumatic histories many of the dogs faced before rescue. The transformations depicted inspire hope and show the meaningful impact the sanctuary has.

Sharing Adoptable Dogs in Need of Homes

Sharing Adoptable Dogs in Need of Homes

A major focus of the Asher House’s Facebook page is boosting adoptable dog profiles to find them forever families. Descriptions of each dog’s personality plus endearing photos and videos give followers a chance to fall in love themselves.

When adoption matches occur because of social media exposure, the Asher House shares heartwarming follow-up footage of the dogs settling happily into home environments. Nothing inspires the public quite like a rescue dog success story.

Follow the Journey on Instagram: The Asher House

The Asher house on Instagram

With gorgeous photography and emotional backstories, the Asher House tugs at heartstrings on their Instagram profile, @TheAsherHouse. They have over 73,000 followers keeping up with the dogs daily.

Captivating Stories Through Visual Media

The engaging photos and videos featured on their Instagram allow the rescued dogs’ unique personalities to shine through. The Sanctuary caring team has a skill for capturing funny candid moments, sweet doggy smiles, and moving transformations.

Pairing compelling visual content with each dog’s background makes them truly memorable to the thousands of rescue advocates following along. This level of personalized storytelling converts followers into deeply invested supporters.

Real Reviews from Visitors of The Asher House

The Asher House welcomes visitors to their sanctuary by appointment. These in-person visits give supporters an authentic look into the facility and animals. Many post glowing reviews of their experiences at The Asher House.

Real Reviews from Visitors of The Asher House

An Inspirational and Educational Experience

Many visitors express that touring The Asher House proved tremendously inspirational. Seeing the healthy, content rescued dogs first-hand reinforced that rehabilitation is genuinely possible despite cruel pasts plagued by cruelty or neglect. Visitors feel a restored sense of hope.

The Asher House’s knowledgeable staff also imparts valuable education about proper animal husbandry, training, medical needs and more. Visitors gain practical insights into contributing to animal welfare in their communities.

Opportunities to Connect with the Rescue Dogs

Opportunities to Connect with the Rescue Dogs

While visiting the Asher house, animal-loving guests also cherish the opportunity to interact directly with the rescued dogs! Under staff supervision, visitors may engage in playtime, take pictures, practice training, or simply cuddle with the dogs seeking affection.

Building these meaningful connections often sparks visitors to adopt dogs themselves, fund medical care for certain cases close to their hearts, coordinate local supply drives, or find other ways to further the mission of the Asher House.

Experience Life at The Asher House through Videos

Beyond written content and still photography, The Asher House documents the realities of running a dog rescue through emotional documentary-style videos. These videos titled “A Day in the Life” provide raw, candid looks into the sanctuary.

Experience Life at The Asher House through Videos

Intimate Captures of Healing Journeys

Posted one to two times per month, these “day in the life” videos highlight the pains and triumphs of dogs undergoing physical or emotional rehabilitation. The unscripted clips educate viewers on each case’s unique needs, treatment plans, and the careful attention required.

Seeing the resilience of both the dogs and the committed staff offers encouragement. It reinforces why supporting the work of animal rescue organizations matters for creating positive change.

Relatable Perspectives from Dedicated Volunteers

In addition to the dogs themselves, the videos provide screen time for the Asher House’s compassionate volunteers. Interview clips capture volunteers’ motivations for contributing, memorable adoption stories, challenges faced, and more.

These real perspectives from regular individuals making an impact resonate strongly with viewers. It offers relatability and encourages average citizens to imagine getting involved themselves in whatever ways feasible.

Supporting Animal Rescue: The Mission of the Asher House

Supporting Animal Rescue: The Mission of the Asher House

While the Asher House has positively impacted thousands of rescued dogs to date, Lee Asher recognizes there is still so much work needed to fight animal cruelty at large. Her vision is for the Asher House to spearhead even greater change by inspiring widespread public support of animal rescue.

Leading by Example in the Animal Welfare Community

By pushing the standard of care to new heights at her state-of-the-art sanctuary, Lee Asher hopes to motivate long-standing shelters and new rescues alike to follow suit. TheAshher House’s rehab programs, enrichment initiatives, transparency and more set admirable examples for animal organizations everywhere.

If The Asher House can save and rehome severely abused, sick and elderly dogs starting from absolutely nothing, then growth and improvement is possible for all animal welfare groups with the passion to achieve it. The Asher House aims to elevate the field.

Educating the Public on Responsible Pet Care

In addition to transforming perceptions of what successful rescues can accomplish, The Asher House strives to educate the general public on responsible pet care through their website, tours, YouTube and more. They advocate everything from properly training dogs to affordable veterinary wellness plans.

If Lee Asher can impart lifelong compassion towards animals in just a fraction of the population, it will prevent future cases of neglect and cruelty towards pets at home. Outreach is key for addressing the problem at its root.

Join the Community: Get Involved with The Asher House

Join the Community: Get Involved with The Asher House

Join the Community: Get Involved with The Asher House

the asher house welcomes passionate members of the public to join their cause through volunteering, donations, adoption and other means. Support is vital for funding their life-saving work.

Volunteer Opportunities

Caring volunteers are the backbone of the Asher House, providing dogs with exercise, affection, training and more. Volunteers must be over 16, commit to a minimum of 6 months, and attend an orientation. Roles range from dog walking, kennel tech work, photography/videography, facility maintenance and event coordination.

The Asher House relies on public donations to fund lifesaving veterinary treatment, emergency surgeries, prescription diets, and long medications required by dogs with chronic illnesses. Sponsoring care for a dog needing help with bills gives them a second chance.

Participate in Supply Drives

Local businesses and supporters coordinate supply drives donating needed items to The Asher House year-round. Wish list items include dog food, blankets, toys, leashes, cleaning products, office supplies and more. Hosting a drive offers community engagement.

Adopt Your New Best Friend

Adopting one of the incredible rescued dogs at The Asher House who has worked so hard to recover not only provides them a home but also opens space for the next dog in need. The adoption process ensures wonderful lifelong matches.


Lee Asher with Pets at The Asher House

The Asher House will continue working diligently to rehabilitate neglected and abused dogs while fighting to improve animal welfare standards across the board. However, the need always outweighs their current capacity. By getting informed and involved, more citizens passionate about dogs can help carry out their life-saving work.

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