Minecraft What Do Sheeps Eat? 2 Foods You May Not Know

Minecraft enthusiasts often find themselves immersed in a vast world of possibilities, where creativity and adventure await at every turn. One essential aspect of this popular sandbox game is understanding the needs and behaviors of various creatures within the virtual realm.

When it comes to sheep, knowing what they eat is crucial to maintain their health and utilize them effectively for wool or other purposes. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the fascinating topic of what sheep eat in Minecraft, exploring their dietary habits, and nutritional requirements, and some valuable tips to optimize your virtual flocks.

Sheep Eat Wheat and Grass in Minecraft

So, What Do Sheep Eat in Minecraft? – Sheep eat wheat in Minecraft. In addition, they nourish themselves by consuming grass blocks to replenish their wool, which can later be transformed into dirt blocks.

Sheep in Minecraft have a discerning palate, but fortunately, their diet isn’t overly complex. These gentle creatures primarily graze on lush vegetation, specifically grass. Whenever sheep come across a block of grass, they eagerly nibble on it, regenerating their wool in the process. The more a sheep munches on grass, the faster its wool grows back, allowing players to continuously harvest this valuable resource.

Can Sheep Eat Anything Other Than Grass?

Can Sheep Eat Anything Other Than Grass?

While grass serves as the mainstay of a sheep’s diet, there are additional food options that can pique their interest. For instance, if you’re in possession of wheat, you can lure these fluffy friends closer by holding it in your hand. The irresistible allure of wheat will make sheep follow you, establishing an opportunity to breed or lead them into ideal locations.

Moreover, players can also resort to using a pair of shears to directly obtain wool from adult sheep, eliminating the need for an extensive search through flower-filled meadows. However, it’s important to note that shears don’t contribute to a sheep’s nutrition; they solely serve as a means of obtaining wool without harming the creature.

How to Obtain Wheat for Sheep Nourishment?

Minecraft What Do Sheeps Eat?

To provide your sheep with the sustenance they desire, acquiring wheat becomes crucial. Wheat, a versatile crop in Minecraft, can be grown by planting seeds obtained through tall grass or harvested from previously matured crops.

To cultivate wheat effectively, players should find a suitable area of fertile soil. Plow the soil with a hoe and sow the wheat seeds. Ensure that you provide ample hydration to the soil by creating an irrigation system nearby, such as a water source block connected to a series of tilled land blocks. With patience and care, you’ll soon have a bountiful wheat farm at your disposal to satisfy the rumbling tummies of your sheep.

Can Sheep Eat Other Food Items?

Can Sheep Eat Other Food Items in Minecraft?

While grass and wheat form the foundation of a sheep’s diet, it’s worth exploring whether other food items can satiate their hunger. In Minecraft, however, sheep are rather selective eaters and won’t consume any other food sources apart from grass and wheat. Therefore, offering items like carrots, apples, or even golden apples to these woolly creatures won’t elicit any response or change their nutritional status.

How Often Should I Feed My Sheep?

How Often Should I Feed My Sheep?

Now that we’ve established what sheep eat in Minecraft, it’s important to understand the frequency at which feeding is required for their overall well-being. Fortunately, sheep are relatively self-sufficient when it comes to their dietary needs. Once they encounter a patch of grass, they’ll eagerly graze on it until they’re satisfied, replenishing their wool.

It’s essential to ensure that there’s always enough grass available for your flock to graze upon. By keeping a well-maintained pasture or utilizing bonemeal to accelerate grass growth, you can guarantee a consistent supply of food for your sheep. Additionally, if you plan to breed them, it’s advisable to keep a constant supply of wheat handy, as it serves as an enticing lure for these lovable creatures.


Q: Can I feed my sheep any type of hay or hay bales in Minecraft?

Minecraft What Do Sheeps Eat?

A: While hay and hay bales might seem like suitable food options for real-life sheep, they unfortunately, do not serve as a source of sustenance for sheep in Minecraft. Stick to grass and wheat to keep your virtual flock happy and healthy.

Q: Do sheep require water to survive in Minecraft?

Minecraft What Do Sheeps Eat?

A: Surprisingly, sheep in Minecraft don’t have a direct need for water to survive. As long as they have access to ample grazing opportunities and occasional interactions with wheat, they’ll thrive without the requirement of a water source.

Q: Can I feed baby sheep the same food as adult sheep?

Minecraft What Do Sheeps Eat?

A: Yes, baby sheep have the same dietary preferences as their adult counterparts. Grass and wheat are equally appetizing to both young and mature sheep, so feel free to provide them with these food items as needed.

Q: Will feeding sheep affect their behavior or interactions with players?

Minecraft What Do Sheeps Eat?

A: In general, feeding sheep won’t drastically alter their behavior or impact their interactions with players. However, it’s worth noting that holding wheat in your hand can attract nearby sheep and make them follow you. This can be useful for gathering and leading them to specific locations or for breeding purposes. Apart from that, feeding sheep won’t have any significant impact on their behavior within the game.

Q: Are there any benefits to feeding sheep in Minecraft?

A: While feeding sheep primarily serves the purpose of regenerating their wool and enticing them to follow you, there are a few additional benefits to consider. By maintaining a well-fed flock, you’ll ensure a steady supply of wool, which can be used for various crafting recipes, such as beds, carpets, and decorative blocks. Additionally, breeding sheep with the help of wheat can expand your flock and provide even more opportunities for wool production.

Q: Can I feed wild sheep in Minecraft?

A: In Minecraft, sheep can either spawn naturally in the wild or be domesticated by players. Wild sheep do not require feeding since they rely on grass to sustain themselves. However, you can still lure them using wheat for taming or breeding purposes if you wish to establish a domesticated flock.


Understanding what sheep eat in Minecraft is crucial for any player looking to harness their wool-growing potential and create thriving virtual flocks. Grass and wheat form the foundation of their diet, with grass being the primary source of nutrition and wool regeneration. Wheat serves as an enticing lure, allowing players to lead and breed sheep effectively. By ensuring a consistent supply of grass and keeping a wheat reserve, you can maintain healthy and productive sheep within the game.

Minecraft What Do Sheeps Eat?

So, whether you’re a seasoned Minecraft veteran or embarking on your first virtual adventure, remember to cater to your sheep’s dietary needs and watch your flocks flourish!

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