The Ultimate Cannabis Experience with THCA

We all have heard about THC. But what is this new buzzword “THCA”? Novice users often get confused between the two and we are here to clear all the confusion away. THCA flowers have become very popular now and THCA flower benefits and effects have been quite alluring for users. 

Since entering the market with a big splash, users have been in real love with this new cannabinoid. But, if you are new to the game, let us introduce you to the wonders of this cannabinoid.

THCA: What it is?

Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid or short for THCA is a primary cannabinoid that you can find in the cannabis plant. And with many considering THCA as the precursor to THC, there is ample room for confusion. Why, you may ask. This is because when THCA degrades, it turns into THC, the most loved cannabinoid. In its natural form, THCA does not get you high, contrary to popular belief. 

So, how does it work? Essentially, when the THCA molecules are exposed to heat (decarboxylation), the THCA breaks down and turns into your beloved THC. So, when you smoke THCA, you get THC. But why does this matter? 

THCA does not have any inherent euphoric properties like THC that will cause a high, so when you consume THCA without applying any heat, you do not get high. 

But, ironically, when THCA is heated, it turns into THC. And therefore, when you smoke THCA, you are bound to experience the high. The only option for skipping the high would be to consume it without any heat application.

THCA flowers: What is it?

Clear with what is THCA? Now, let us understand what are THCA flowers. Basically, raw cannabis flowers when not cured are termed as THCA flowers. Primarily because the major component is THCA and not THC in these flowers. 

So, while THCA flowers might look exactly like regular cannabis flowers, they are devoid of THC. Read the label carefully to know what you are buying.

Exploring the options of consumption for THCA flowers

Now after reading all these, you might be really wondering how I consume THCA flowers. Well, there are two options for you when it comes to consuming THCA flowers. The first and most obvious way is a euphoric option and the other is a non-euphoric one. 

Euphoric options

If you love getting knocked out with the potent high of cannabis, these options would be great to give you a euphoric high when consuming THCA flowers.


You can simply crush the raw herb and roll it into a joint or blunt and light it up. Since there is heat involved, the THCA inside the herb will be easily transformed into THC. Now, when you inhale the smoke, the THC passes into the bloodstream from the lungs and gets you really high.


Another great option to get high with THCA flowers, vaping is quite similar to smoking. However, in this case, the herb is heated to such a very high temperature that it turns into a vapor without burning. The effects and delivery of THC are quite similar to smoking. Do note that the high temperature breaks down the THCA into THC and other components.

Non euphoric options

If you do not appreciate the high but still want to enjoy the other benefits of THCA, well, these options are just for you. Here is a quick breakdown.


Concentrates are extracted from the raw, unprocessed flowers to capture the entire THCA content in an easy-to-use liquid format. Since factories use cold press methods to get the extracts, the THCA remains intact and does not turn into THC. So, using concentrates with THCA is a great way to use the cannabinoid without getting high. Do note that there might be other cannabinoids inside the extract, so remember to check the contents.


When you make edibles with THCA without applying heat, you also get a great non-euphoric option to enjoy the benefits of THCA. Edibles like brownies or gummies that are made without the decarboxylation process keep the THCA levels intact and do not give way to THC. Thus, making edibles a delicious and awesome way to enjoy THCA.

How do I safely use THCA flowers?

Many new users must have this question when they are looking to try out THCA flowers for the first time. There is enough confusion about the effects of THCA and many people tend to get THC and THCA mixed up. While these cannabinoids are very much related to each other, the effects and benefits are wildly different. So, let us bust some myths and help you use THCA flowers the safe way.

Buy from reputed sources

Like most other cannabis products on the market, one must be very careful of where to buy these products. Always opt for good brands on the market that offer quality products. To pinpoint the right sources, check online reviews, ask your friends, or go through the product label to ensure you are getting the right product.

Consume in a safe place

If you are considering a euphoric option when consuming THCA flowers, keep in mind that you need to consume them in a very safe place. Avoid consuming them in public spaces or outdoors as the effects can be unpredictable and potent for first-time users. Make sure to consume these at home or indoors with someone always there to monitor your effects. We advise you to consume it in the presence of a person who has good experience with THCA flowers. This can be a real savior in case you green out.

Consume in small doses

Since the effects can be unpredictable for the uninitiated, try consuming these products in smaller quantities to check if you can handle the high. Avoid consuming higher doses in the first go since this can adversely affect the experience and make you really uncomfortable.

THCA with all its nuances and benefits has garnered a lot of love and attention over the years. And the versatility to choose between a euphoric and non-euphoric experience makes it irresistible for those in love with cannabis and its effects. Follow the guide above and you should be completely ready to start using THCA flowers like a real pro.

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